The World Against Islam   8 comments

Many of the followers of Islam, Muslims, are still be in dark about the fact that the West has been and will be making an uproar regarding the teachings of Islam, how it corrupts their system and how some of its teachings are against their laws. They have no shame about what they do. Whatever they do, they make it public. One of the many examples of such incidences is the Draw Prophet (PBUH) Day, which created quite an unsettledness amongst the Muslims, because the supporters of this event were inviting artists from everywhere to draw the pictures of The Most Holy Personality, as a mockery or a settlement to how the Last Prophet (PBUH) Muhammad should look like.

As recently as July 31, 2010 a pastor of a church in Florida stated “Islam is a religion of devil”. It does not stop here. This church has organized Quran Burning Day on 9/11/2010 to remember the people who died on this day and take a stand against Islam, somehow blaming Islam and Muslims for the happening of 9/11. The church has made official facebook page and website to promote this event amongst the Christians. The page says “Eternal fire is the only destination the Quran can lead people to, so we want to put the Quran in it’s [sic] place — the fire!”

Now one might ask, “Why is the world so against Islam? What DOES Islam teach that is against their law?” And the answer to these questions and many more like it can be answered by yet another question “Why are the Muslims not doing anything about it if Islam is so precious to them?” If any and all of the Muslims do something about the latter question, I’m pretty sure that NOT ANOTHER SOUL SHALL EVER QUESTION ISLAM AS BEING THE MOST RIGHTEOUS AND PEACEFUL RELIGION THEIR IS, THAT LEADS MANKIND TO ITS OWN SUCCESS. Lets look at another quote by the pasteur “Have you ever really seen a really happy Muslim? As they’re on the way to Mecca? As they gather together in the mosque on the floor? Does it look like a real religion of joy?” Most of the Muslims are gonna have to take the bitter pill and agree with the pasteur here, because I, myself, am a witness to this fact that many Muslims nowadays are Muslims by name only, not by deeds. They feel compelled to act upon the teachings of Islam and most of the time, their heart is not with their mind and body when offering Prayer, fasting etc. And that is the reason why the Muslims are not happy  and people are getting a chance to point their fingers at us. BUT there also are Muslims as great as Dr. Zakir Naik who have not a single doubt in their hearts and minds about their deeds, that they KNOW that Islam is the perfect religion and are content with what they have. Dr. Zakir Naik has silenced Pasteur Campbell (sorry if this is not his name) many a times when taking on the questions of Christianity in Islam and proven many a time in front of non believers and Christians that Islam, Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are every human’s guide to success and prosperity.

Final Thought: Muslims have lost their devotion to Islam and its practices, so by gaining more knowledge about Islam, not only do we get to be better Muslims but we can also clarify the misunderstandings other people have about Islam and make this world embrace Islam.

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Rocky (1976)   1 comment

One of the best movies the world has and shall ever see. Repeat the former statement infinite times and it still won’t be enough to replicate the beauty and the concept with which this movie was made.

I just finished watching it after queuing it up weeks after weeks due to my tight schedule. Never have I been so high after watching a movie as magnificent as Rocky. The directing, the soundtrack, and everything else fits very well into the movie’s theme. It’s given me an eccentric power or ability if you might. The power to believe in myself! The power to never back out from any challenge, trivial or crucial it may be. The power to train to my self to the limits. The power to love.

The story features a young man struggling to make his way through his life, using his hobby as a means to earn money and survive, failing to get closer to the woman she loves, exerting to find the goal of his life and gaining everyones’ respect. This reminded me how I put up with things in my own life. I get shots to things people can only dream of. I want to employ my hobbies as a way to get through my life. I want to be respected and not the one respecting others all the time. The movie thought me how to cope up with every one of those problems. The movie is a symbol of the unbreakable will that human being have, a symbol to “go to the distance”, a symbol of determination! The final closing moments of the movie were simply remarkable. The movie gave me the sense to stop chasing meaningless things in my life and start struggling to make the very best of me by flourishing the values and abilities that I have been gifted with! Everyone of us is born with such unique abilities, and what distinguishes a renowned man from a common man is his struggle, the struggle he makes to polish his unique abilities and realized the values that he has been blessed with. Every man is capable of doing the same, but what sets them apart are their choices, the choices they make lead them to their future.

Final Thought: Make the best of your life today, so you have no regrets about it tomorrow.

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Its Summer Vacation Time!   3 comments

As hard as it is for me to believe, the summer vacation is about to start! But wait, that’s not the best part! The best part is that I’m heading over to states this summer. Yahooo!

Amazing as it’s gonna be, some of you, including myself, aren’t gonna be as happy as I may seem currently. Why? Because we won’t be meeting up for over a month. So i’ll be missing a lot of things that we could’ve done while I was here. Like, my pal, Ali is gonna be painting his whole house! How in the world can you miss an opportunity to see your pal painting his front door when you drop by his house? Or how can you miss a get together with a friend whose hospitality is so great that you have to search the kitchen yourself for finding some edible or even drinking water? If I’m not here anymore this summer, then how am I supposed to get treat from someone who treats you AFTER his birthday is over? But there are somethings you always miss, no matter how hard you try not to miss! What am I talking about? It’s about someone whom you know for almost over 2 years, visits your city every other day and comes up with a lame excuse for not being able to see you.

My plans for this summer? Well, um, studies!!?? Now, before you all can click the X button at the top right corner or head down to the comments box to  type “NERD”, allow me to explain. I’m gonna be imprisoned in a house where my dad gets to keep a keen eye on me, observe the time I spend studying, and with or without his observations, deduce that I’m gonna fail the way my attitude is towards my med studies! Sigh. So what to do other than study?

Final thought: This summer, it’s going to be something different for me.